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UC Grad Prep Programs/ Opportunities

Health Profession Advising Center

The Health Professions Advising Center provides information, advising, and support for students who aspire to graduate/professional programs in the health professions and wish to enhance their academic and extracurricular preparation. Professional staff and peer mentors are available to guide students as they plan their pre-health professions course work, health related experiences, service work, and research in preparation for applying to programs. 

*Professional staff is Undocu Ally trained 


UC Leadership Excellence through Advanced Degrees (UC LEADS) Program is a two-year program designed to support undergraduates pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). UC LEADS provides students with educational experiences that prepare them to assume positions of leadership in industry, government, public service and academia, following the completion of a doctoral degree, preferably at the University of California

*Open to AB540 students


Mentoring Summer Research Internship Program (MSRIP) is an eight-week summer research program designed for juniors, seniors (and some masters students). Participants work under the supervision of a faculty mentor on the mentor’s research project.

*Open to AB540 students

Mellon Mays Fellowship

The two-year MMUF Program at UC Riverside enables undergraduate Fellows to prepare for GRE testing, graduate school selection and applications; engage in deep and meaningful research; attend extracurricular events and cohort field trips, recieve fiancial support, etc. 

 *Open to AB540 students and/ or DACAmented

University Honors Scholarships

Students must be in active standing in University Honors, which requires completion of all applicable requirements detailed in the University Honors Learning Commitment and any additional GPA requirements

Note: Scholarships for 2017/2018 will be open Fall 2017.

 *Open to AB540 students

Chancellor's Undergraduate Fellowship

UCR Chancellor's Research Fellowship awards thirteen undergraduate students up to $5,750. Fellows participate in the program starting on July 1st of the academic year and end on June 30th.

Note: The application will open in late Winter 2018.

*Open to AB540 students