As of September 2021, all Ethnic & Gender (E&G) offices are open to support your student success and needs. Please check individual websites for specific, operational hours and contact info. Masks are required indoors at all times and proof of completion of Daily Wellness Survey is required to enter all E&G offices. In order to keep us all safe, we also ask that you please continue to wash your hands, maintain physical distance, and all other health measures to reduce risk. We look forward to connecting soon.

Other California Laws

  • Senate Bill No. 1159 (SB 1159): Allows undocumented individuals to apply for professional state licenses (e.g., nursing, barbering, auto repair) using an ITIN instead of a Social Security Number (SSN). Access a list of California state licenses.
  • TRUST Act (AB 4): A state-level sanctuary policy that limits local law enforcement’s cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), unless the arrestee has already been convicted of serious crimes.
  • AB 60 Driver Licenses: Allows undocumented individuals to obtain a California state driver license, if certain requirements are met. 
  • Senate Bill 75 (SB 75): Allows undocumented children and teens under the age of 19 to fully access Medi-Cal benefits.
  • Senate Bill 104 (SB 104): This 2019 law allows undocumented immigrants under the age of 26 to be eligible for Medi-Cal.
  • Medi-Cal & DACA: In California (under PRUCOL category),  DACA recipients can receive full coverage Medi-Cal if they meet the income threshold.
  • California Values Act  (SB 54): Does not allow state and local resources to be used for mass deportation and separation of families.
  • Safe Schools for Immigrants (AB 699): Establishes guidelines for ICE's school visits and provides protections for immigrant students and their parents.
  • Immigration Worker Protection (AB 450): Prohibits employers from releasing employee records to ICE agents and prohibits their entry to their place of business. It also requires employers to provide proper notification to employees of upcoming ICE inspection.
  • Dignity Not Detention (SB 29): Prohibits new privately funded immigration detention centers to be built in the state of California. It also outlaws cities from rewriting or modifying already existing contracts with private immigration detention centers.