Study Abroad

Keep Track of Upcoming Important Deadlines!

Want to learn abroad but don't know where to start or if you qualify? 

If you are a DACA recipient, you too can participate in a program abroad. 

  • The I-131 Application for Travel Document, also known as Advanced Parole, grants people the ability to leave the United States for purposes such as “educational, employment, or humanitarian,” and return back. 

This process is long, however, if accepted you will be able to participate in a program abroad in the country of your dreams and return home. 

What do you do now? →  Follow these easy steps. In these videos, you will learn about the different types of programs that are offered by the Education Abroad office and much more important information. It is important to complete ALL the steps to have a better understanding of the programs and the studying abroad process.

Steps to Study Abroad

  • Step 1: Attend Workshop or View Webinar

    Watch the "Study Abroad & Advance Parole" webinar  or attend a workshop. We host one "Study Abroad & Advance Parole" workshop per quarter.

  • Step 2: Meet with Undocumented Student Programs Staff

    This meeting will cover deadlines, timelines, costs, and expectations.

    Make an appointment with Ana

    Make sure you bring your Employment Authorization Card.

  • Step 3: Meet with an Education Abroad Advisor

    Let the Education Abroad office know what term/country you are applying to and that you are a DACA recipient.

    This is done for the following two reasons: (1) it expedites the notification of acceptance or rejection into study abroad (2) facilitates communication between study abroad and USP.


  • Step 4: Apply to Educational Abroad Programs

    Complete your MyUCR Abroad Profile and the HAF Survey

    You should also attend Application Workshop specific for your program type.

    Don't know what program to apply for? Research program options in MyUCR Abroad, under Search Programs. 

    Please note that DACA recipients have an earlier deadline to accommodate Advance Parole requirements.

  • Step 5: Begin the Advanced Parole Process

    If accepted into an education abroad program, the student must contact Ana right away to begin the Advance Parole application and request a letter from the Education Abroad office.

  • Step 6: Meet with UCR Immigration Attorney

    Students should complete the Advance Parole application no later than seven months from the departure date. After completing the application with the guidance of USP Office, the application will be sent for legal review to UC Immigrant Legal Service Center.

    There is no cost to services these services.

  • Step 7: Mail out Advance Parole

    Once UC Immigrant Legal Service Center reviews the application, the student can submit their application to USCIS. This should be done no later than six months from the departure date.

  • Other steps to follow:
    • Meet with your Academic Advisor(s)

    • Attend all workshops necessary after acceptance.

Education Abroad Grants

The Education Abroad office has grants available to help DACA students pay for Advanced Parole fees or DACA renewal fees! Head over to the MyUCR Abroad portal for more information. 

If you have any questions drop into the EA Chat Room, summer 2022: Tuesday 1:00-3:00pm, Wednesday 10:30am-12:30pm, Thursday 1:00pm-3:00pm or email

Keep a look out for upcoming events in the EVENTS tab in your MyUCR Abroad portal for more information. 

Hope to hear from you soon!