Next Steps

Accepted To UCR: Next Steps

Congratulations! You’ve been admitted to the University of California, Riverside (UCR). We hope you use Undocumented Students Program (USP) as a resource to help you navigate your journey through higher education. Below are some tips to ease your transition, whether you're a transfer student or incoming freshman student.

  • Step 1: Financial Aid

    Financial Aid

    You should receive your financial aid award letter a few weeks after you receive your UCR acceptance letter. If you do not receive your financial aid letter, check to be sure your California (CA) Dream Act Application and GPA verification were completed by the deadline — and if UCR received them. If you’re beginning your UCR academic career in Fall 2022, your CA Dream Act and GPA Verification deadline is March 2, 2022.

    Once you receive your financial aid letter, review the amount of tuition that will be covered and the out-of-pocket expenses you'll have to pay for items such as room and board. If you need assistance in understanding your award letter, schedule an appointment with USP staff.

    Below are common reasons why some students do not receive a Financial Aid award package:

    1. The name on the CA Dream Act Application does not EXACTLY match the name UCR has on file.
    Example: If a student’s name appears as “Maria Lopez Garcia” on the CA Dream Act, but as “Maria Lopez” on UCR Records, UCR will not receive the application.
    Solution: Email Financial Aid at to let the staff know you have not received an award letter and that it is likely due to a mismatched name. Include the following in your email:

    • Name as it appears on file at UCR
    • Name as it appears on the CA Dream Act Application
    • UCR ID
    • CA Dream Act ID

    2. UCR is not listed as a school on your CA Dream Act Application.
    Solution: Update your CA Dream Act Application and add UCR to your school list. If you are still a dependent, you will need your parent's signature to resubmit.
    In order to speed things up, email that you have updated your CA Dream Act Application to include UCR. Include the following in your email:

    • Name
    • UCR ID
    • CA Dream Act ID

    3. The CA Dream Act Application was not submitted by the March 2 deadline.
    Solution: Email to request an appeal for on-time consideration.

    Note: Keep track of upcoming deadlines and email if any issues arise. It is better to seek help rather than to miss deadlines.

    Verification Forms and Selective Service

    Every year, approximately 20% of students are randomly selected for verification. If you’re selected, do not panic. Simply follow the instructions on R'Web Self-Service Portal.

     Verifying Your Income for the CA Dream Act Application

    1. This is a resource to help you understand the verification process.
    2. Reach out if you have questions or challenges providing proper documentation.
    3. Deadlines are important. If issues arise with reaching a deadline, contact Financial Aid as soon as possible.

    All males, including undocumented students, are required to register for Selective Service. If you do not register for Selective Services, your financial aid will be put on hold. If you do not have a social security number, print and mail the Selective Service Registration Form.

    A registration acknowledgment letter containing your Selective Service registration card will arrive in the mail 30–90 days after you mail in your registration form. This is proof of your registration. Keep it in a safe place.

  • Step 2: Statement of Intent to Register (SIR)

     Statement of Intent to Register (SIR)

    Make sure to complete and pay your SIR before the deadline, as your admission may be revoked if your SIR is not submitted. If you do not have sufficient funds to pay the SIR fee, you may submit a written request to asking for a fee deferment. Be sure to include:

    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Student ID Number or Application ID Number
    • Total family income and the number of family members supported by that income

    If you meet the low-income guidelines, your SIR deposit fee will be deferred. Questions? Visit Undergraduate Admissions.

  • Step 3: Statement of Legal Residence & AB 540 Affidavit
  • Step 4: Register for Orientation

    Register for Orientation

    Orientation is a chance to tour the campus, learn what UCR has to offer, register for classes, and meet future advisors.

    Orientation fees can be deferred toward your fall quarter statement. Check your school email about upcoming orientation dates!

    Note: As an undocumented student, you should NOT attend the orientation for international students. If you mistakenly receive an email directing you to register for the International Student Orientation, please email  

  • Step 5: Check your UCR email frequently.

    Check your UCR email frequently

    Check your UCR email daily. You can access your UCR email through your Rweb account. The university will contact you via your UCR email (also known as R’mail) about any additional follow-ups or requirements.

    Note: The best way to keep track of your R’Mail is to redirect emails directly to your cell phone.

  • Step 6: Housing


    If you are a student planning to move to the Riverside area, begin looking for housing as early as possible to secure the best offers. Use these tips to help your search.