Undocu Ally Training

Undocu Ally Training



UCR staff and faculty interested in creating a safe and welcoming space for undocumented students are encouraged to participate in our Undocu Ally Training!

  • The training is four to five hours long.
  • Individuals who successfully complete the training will be awarded the “Undocu Ally Decal.”
  • Training is offered periodically.
  • Participation is individual and voluntary.

Interested in Undocu Ally Training? Contact USP office at usp@ucr.edu

Undocu Ally Training Goals:

  • Create a welcoming and supportive campus environment for undocumented immigrant students.
  • Increase faculty and staff knowledge and effectiveness about the needs, concerns, and issues of undocumented students and their families
  • Educate faculty and staff about relevant immigrant laws impacting students and related student issues and challenges.

Participants will learn:

  • How undocumented students experience the campus
  • Which academic and out-of-the-classroom support practices show the most promise for immigrant students
  • National and state policies that affect undocumented students



The Undocu Ally Decal

The Undocu Ally Decal is unique to UC Riverside. One if its prominent features that makes it so, is the famous Tomás Rivera Library Arches. A characteristic of these arches is the silhouette of a head wearing a graduation cap, with a small fist in its tassel to represent the hard work and determination undocumented students take on both in their studies and their life.

Under these arches, the silhouettes of students, in graduation caps and gowns, are seen cheering in celebration of their successes, which represents the pride we take in our undocumented students’ achievements at UCR.

The decal should be displayed in the office or immediate work area of the individual who has successfully completed Undocu Ally Training. It represents to undocumented students that the individual who has the decal prominently displayed is an Ally, informed about the law and able to give competent and confidential advice.



Note to non-UCR organization/individuals:

Due to limited capacity, we can no longer offer these workshops and trainings to off campus community. We can still provide outreach presentations (AB540, CA DREAM, UC Undocu resources) to groups of students within the Inland Empire (email: usp@ucr.edu). If you are interested in an ally training please consider reaching out Dr. Elena Macias from New Partnership Foundation (elena.macias@ab540.com).